Electives & Clubs


Magali Guzman | Art K-5


Darrel Roe | Art 6-8


Students will utilize a variety of artistic mediums and will be encouraged to use their creative abilities.


Denise Lias | Dance & Theatre 6-8


Students enrolled in Dance will express their creativity through dance as an art form as they learn to appreciate and perform ballet, modern, jazz, hip hop, ballroom, and world dance styles.  


Faith Manning | Choir Teacher


In Choir you will:

  • Make new friends

  • Make great music

  • Learn to entertain

  • Learn to make people listen, laugh, and cry

  • Learn how to read music

  • Be part of something great!


Denise Lias | Theatre 6-8


Students enrolled in Theatre will learn a variety theatrical endeavors, with an emphasis on appreciating, exploring, and performing theater as an art form.

Band & Orchestra

Kiana Pierce | Band Director 6-8


Tiffany Maxfield | Orchestra 6-8


Instrumental music is an opportunity for students to release their inner creativity through music performance. They do this by developing the necessary skills to create music on a wind ensemble instrument (band) or a string orchestra instrument (orchestra).

Our students begin the journey in 6th grade where they choose their first instrument and learn to make their first sounds. 

They learn how to read music and how to apply it to their instrument.  After three years of hard work and study, we expect our 8th graders to graduate with a strong understanding of music and the ability to perform intermediate to advanced level music.

In addition to music, research shows that your student will develop other necessary life skills in band class. It is proven to improve language abilities, increase emotional resilience, increase empathy, increase attention spans and focus, and increase self-confidence. It is also proven to increase SAT scores and improve math and reading skills. Our students are responsible for obtaining their own instruments.

ILTexas does not own nor have the abilities to loan any instruments to students. Parents who are concerned about the financial commitment of band/orchestra should consider another elective choice.

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