Curriculum Standards and Framework

International Leadership of Texas will use the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) and ELPS (English Language Proficiency Standards) as our curriculum standards. All state assessments will be administered as required by the State of Texas.

Data Driven Instruction

International Leadership of Texas will implement an education framework that results in academic growth for students and makes data-driven instruction a reality. We will ensure we have the data to make the best instructional decisions and to improve student achievement throughout the school year. Our framework has four major components:

  • Curriculum alignment: What are we going to teach?

  • Curriculum mapping: When are we going to teach it?

  • Curriculum benchmarking: Did students learn it?

  • Differentiation: What teaching methods would be best for each student?

Using this Curriculum Design framework, teachers, parents, and students can see student expectations for each grade level. We can track student progress, identify needs, and provide focused instruction and interventions. Ultimately, we can improve student achievement throughout the school year and on the End-of-Year Tests.

Trilingual Education K-12

Students attending International Leadership of Texas will receive academic instruction in English, Spanish, and Chinese. Students in Kindergarten through 5th grade will participate in a dual language program (Spanish/ English), as well as participate in Chinese language development classes through their specials classes. Students in 6th through 12th will receive daily language development instruction in Spanish and Chinese as part of their academic instructional schedule.

Dual Language Program (Spanish/English) K-5th

In grades Kindergarten through 5th, International Leadership of Texas will provide a dual language structure and support system for academic and language acquisition. This program will provide literacy and content instruction to all students through two languages and is designed to promote bilingualism and biliteracy, grade-level academic achievement, and multicultural competence for all students.

Core Courses


6th Grade:

  • English Language Arts

  • Reading

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • Math


7th Grade:

  • English Language Arts

  • Science

  • Texas History

  • Math


8th Grade

  • English Language Arts

  • Science

  • US History

  • Math/Algebra I

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